Get Sponsors for your Event with Braindate: Elevating Their Impact Through Unique Brand and Thought Leadership Positioning

Getting Sponsorship for Events

As event planners, you know the importance of securing sponsors for your event. But  how do you stand out in a saturated event market where all event planners are offering competing visibility to the same top sponsors? 

By offering concrete engagement strategies: sponsors want to make the most out of their investment with refreshing opportunities and new ways to interact with the audience.

Being fully integrated in the attendee experience, Braindate provides sponsors with such opportunities to achieve their three levels of ROI: in-app and in-person visibility, sponsor engagement, and data & analytics.

Learn more how event planners found leading organizations like Google, Amazon, SAP and PayPal to sponsor Braindate at their events.

Leading organizations like Google, Amazon, SAP and Paypal

What value does Braindate sponsorship bring?

Participants attending an event for content and networking

The number 1 reasons why participants attend any event are content & networking. Sponsoring Braindate puts your sponsors at the center of these two core motivations.

  • Content: Braindate offers a distinctive way for sponsors to contribute to your event content program. With Braindate, sponsors become thought leaders. With all event attendees having eyes on their braindate topics throughout the whole duration of the event, their content lives beyond a 30-minute keynote session on-stage. It is at the center of every participant’s conversations. With Braindate, your sponsors’ reach is exponential and at the heart of every attendee experience. 

Sponsors can host their own expert-led braindates and focus groups, lead discussions on industry topics, or engage in conversations relevant to their products or services. Braindate positions your sponsors as industry leaders in your community. 

  • Networking: Companies sponsor cocktails and evening receptions to increase their likelihood to connect with event attendees, and to get most wanted RSVP guest lists for their post-event marketing campaigns. Braindate provides a unique setting for sponsors to host all event attendees in a welcoming space conducive to conversations. Our Braindate Lounge is the centralized meeting hub to gather all participants. It is strategically located in the event venue to ensure high traffic.

Whether online or in-person, you can ensure high participation rate and engagement to your sponsors because Braindate is at the core of the attendee connection experience. This dynamic learning hub makes Braindate the #1 experience and tool to do all the networking.

Sponsor Logo visibility:

In-app, Braindate platform:

  • Main navigation menu
  • Login splash page
  • Top of the topic market
  • Featured mid-market cards
  • Virtual braindates: video conference logo
  • Braindate is integrated and accessible within the event mobile app


  • Emails (Welcome, Daily highlights, Goodbye and recap emails)
  • User notifications and reminders
  • Event schedule and program
  • Event social media campaigns

In-person, Braindate Lounge:

  • Logo in the event prime location: the Braindate Lounge
  • Logo on wayfinding signage across event venue
  • Logo and branding on Braindate giveaway props (pins, notepads, pencils)

Sponsor engagement

Give your sponsors the opportunity to stand out by participating in Braindate – the attendee experiential networking and peer-learning at events.  

More than plastering a logo on the walls, Braindate allows your sponsors to actively engage with the audience. Our topic-driven approach will be refreshing for your sponsors: with our help, they will be prepared to craft high-impact topics that attract their target audiences, host authentic, engaging braindates, and make the most of the platform to find new content relevant to their objectives. Their topics will also gain more traction as sponsors get early-access to the platform.

With topics that highlight your sponsors’ expertise and interests, they will receive personalized meeting invitations and people will book their group braindate with genuine interest and with the intention to participate.

By connecting with clients, prospective clients, and even potential partners, your sponsors will expand their professional network, meet their business development objectives and open doors to collaboration and partnership opportunities.

Additionally, sponsoring our peer-learning solution contributes to a positive event experience, which enhances participant engagement and satisfaction. This type of impactful branding can lead to increased attendee satisfaction and loyalty towards your sponsors’ brand.

Sponsor engagement opportunities with content:

  • Thought leadership sponsor content, braindate topics
  • Content curation & topic market labels
  • Mid-market call to action cards to redirect to their website

Sponsor engagement opportunities with attendees:

  • Onsite dedicated prime location space, Braindate Lounge
  • Onsite meetings facilitation through our Learning Concierges
  • Out-of-the-booth sponsor experience

Data & analytics

A sponsorship with Braindate doesn’t end with the event. We’ll compile key data and analytics of the overall participant behavior, and share a final report that includes:

Sponsor’s insights & key success metrics:

  • Audience target market analysis
  • Impressions and clicks on all logos
  • Content data related to target keywords
  • Key behavioral insights and analytics
  • Testimonials from participants
  • Key stats related to success metrics
  • Key stats related to trending keywords and top searches
  • Braindate meetings, activity reports and meeting data by sponsor
Key behavioural insights and analytics

Unlock sponsor ROI beyond traditional lead retrieval apps, booth scanners and cocktail guest lists with Braindate. For your sponsors, it’s not just about collecting emails; it’s about diving into a goldmine of strategic intelligence. Tailor data analytics to meet their specific needs, ensuring every investment yields maximum value. 

You have the option to share comprehensive meeting logs and contact details with your sponsors for every Braindate interaction they had with attendees. This bonus, along with actionable data intel, empowers them to facilitate meaningful post-event follow-ups, leveraging shared topics and attendee profiles for enhanced engagement.

Elevate your sponsorship experience with Braindate – where connections lead to insights.

Sponsor Braindate journey

  • Webinar offered to sponsors’ team representatives to learn how to make the most of Braindate
  • Early-access to the Braindate platform for topic creation
  • Online visibility on the Braindate platform
  • Pre-event engagement and braindate meetings booked
  • Logo visibility in pre-event communications & social media
  • Networking, it’s time to braindate with participants!
  • Out-of-the-booth experience at the Braindate Lounge
  • Leveraging our onsite team of Learning Concierges to introduce participants to sponsors’ teams
  • Proactive outreach made by sponsor team on the Braindate platform
  • Word of mouth spread by attendees participating in Braindate & branded giveaways exposure
  • Data and Analytics report
  • Follow-up and nurturing new leads

Maximize Sponsor Engagement with Braindate

+ In-app logo placement and features to increase brand awareness
+ Curated content and thought leadership conversations with targeted attendee groups
+ Gain key audience behavioral data based on content trends and interactions reporting

cta banner event engagement visual 1

Braindate Sponsor Case Studies

Destination Success: A win-win sponsorship

Braindate Sponsor Case Studies

Event MPI executed a remarkable Braindate sponsor activation strategy, enhancing attendance, engagement, and social media exposure while securing funds. Braindate experienced early pre-event engagement, leading to increased participant logins, more topic creations, and meaningful interactions during the event. Two sponsors exceeded brand exposure objectives, actively engaging participants in-person and online, mutually reinforcing each other’s positioning.

Event MPI employed a gamification sponsor strategy, creating a win-win scenario for all parties. They first approached Tourism Winnipeg, an event destination sponsor. Tourism Winnipeg maximized both online and in-person sponsor visibility, transforming the Braindate Lounge into a Winnipeg-themed immersive space. Learning Concierges ensured a welcoming atmosphere, aligning perfectly with the sponsor’s hospitality objectives.

Braindate’s user-generated experience relies on participant engagement. Seeking maximal participation, gamification played a crucial role with the involvement of a second sponsor, WestJet, a Canadian airline. WestJet offered gift cards as incentives for participants to sign up for Braindate, contributing to a successful experience. The analytics provided real-time data for attendees to enter a draw, and a viral social media campaign added visibility to all partners. This sponsor activation, uniting a travel sponsor with a destination sponsor, showcased Braindate’s commitment to the attendees.

Braindate Lounge becomes Sponsor Booth

DPW Amsterdam and Pactum

DPW Amsterdam is the world’s biggest and most influential tech event in the procurement and supply chain industry. In October 2023, DPW Amsterdam welcomed 1,200+ live participants with 120 exhibitors and over 100 speakers in its 3-day event.

PACTUM, an AI-based system that helps companies to automatically offer personalized and commercial negotiations on a massive scale, sponsored the Braindate experience at DPW Amsterdam. Our peer learning solution far exceeded their sponsor engagement objectives and in turn, Braindate benefited from additional exposure.

PACTUM went for an in-house strategy: instead of navigating through their booth and the Braindate Lounge, they used one Super Group braindate table as a booth, effectively taking their meetings and their braindate in the Lounge itself.

This two-way visibility benefited both PACTUM and Braindate:

  • Our team of Learning Concierges used screen monitors to display the sponsors’ topics when onboarding passing participants, and guided them directly to the PACTUM table.
  • PACTUM’s meetings also provided visibility for Braindate as their “booth” was located inside the Lounge.

As a result, PACTUM held 6 full Super Group braindates and as many 1:1 braindates for a total of 65 new connections. Being inside the Lounge, they also benefited from a front-row seat on their investment and actively engaged with the bustling audience.

5 Tips for Effective Braindate Sponsorships

Effective Braindate Sponsorships

Use this list of best practices to ensure your sponsors  make the most out of their investment:

  1. Leverage the Braindate team in all steps of your sponsorship: benefit from our decade of best practices at events.
  2. Profile optimization: Create a compelling and detailed profile on the Braindate platform. This includes adding a professional photo, a concise bio, and highlighting your areas of expertise and interests. A well-crafted profile makes it easier for participants to connect.
  3. Proactive outreach: Proactively reach out to potential Braindate participants who align with your goals. Send personalized messages that express genuine interest in connecting and sharing knowledge.
  4. Quality Braindate topics: You should focus on topics that resonate with the event’s theme or your industry expertise. Clear, targeted and engaging topics attract participants; topics that are too general and vague can come across as too salesy.
  5. Engagement during braindates: Ask open-ended questions, share insights, and foster meaningful discussions. Authentic engagement can lead to lasting connections and customer loyalty.

Bonus: Add this Braindate teaser in your sponsor prospectus

We saved the best for last! Try inserting these few lines about Braindate in your sponsor prospectus to get traction.  

Braindate Sponsorship: Position Your Brand at the Core of Content and Networking.


Braindate has brought experiential peer learning and networking experiences to global events, communities, and Fortune 500 companies. At <event name>, it’s at the core of our attendee experience and event program. 

On Braindate, everyone creates topics. It helps participants find and meet each other for 1:1 or group knowledge-sharing conversations called braindates

Beyond a networking tool, Braindate is an engaging connection experience rooted in collaboration and learning which increases attendee participation. 


Braindate offers prime in-app and in-person visibility with exponential audience reach. Elevate your brand as a key contributor to the event’s content and connection landscape, positioning your company as a thought leader with topics that resonate beyond on-stage sessions. Engage with event participants by hosting expert-led braindates and focus groups, leading discussions on industry trends to better target your business development and impact.

Get more than mailing lists by hosting and meeting all attendees at the high-traffic Braindate Lounge. Whether online or in-person, Braindate guarantees optimal participation and engagement. Your brand presence will shine through in every participant’s conversation.

Talk to our team to discuss more Braindate sponsorship case studies and better tailor your event-specific package.

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