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A learning experience platform that sparks knowledge sharing conversations within organizations and communities. It empowers users to connect on shared topics of interest, for virtual 1:1 and group conversations.

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Grow your employee development program, amplify social learning, and boost retention by engaging remote and hybrid employees in meaningful conversations year-round. If you’re an L&D or HR professional, this solution is for you.

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Braindate everyday for organizations

Strengthen your community and drive meaningful relationships between members by empowering them to learn from each other on an ongoing basis. If you work in community engagement or content management, this solution is for you.

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Braindate everyday for communities

Empower students to share ideas and grow their knowledge in a collaborative learning environment that enables them to learn from and deepen connections with each other. If you work in educational services, this tool is for you.

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Braindate everyday for universities

How Braindate can transform your


  • Boost social learning and employee development in your organization
  • Grow L&D programs with employee-generated content
  • Amplify engagement and maintain culture for remote employees
  • Increase wellbeing and talent retention


  • Drive year-round community engagement
  • Spark relevant connections among community members
  • Empower members to self-direct their experience
  • Drive member engagement and retention

Our journey together

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Integrate with your LMS, HR, or community management tools; Teams, Outlook, Slack, LinkedIn and more

Seamless technology

  • Benefit from our open API for a deep integration with your LMS, HR, or community management tools
  • Create a learning experience for 50 to 200,000+ people
  • Integrate with Teams, Outlook, Slack, LinkedIn and more
  • Manage multiple time zones with ease

Ongoing engagement

  • Collaborate closely with our in-house experts to build and deploy a year-round engagement strategy
  • Access best practices related to engagement, peer learning, and experience design
  • Take advantage of a robust toolbox of ready-to-use templates, checklists and more  
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Human-centric experience

Human-centric experience

  • Enable your people to connect over virtual 1:1 and group conversations 
  • Fuel user-generated content by empowering your people to host discussions on topics of their choice
  • Use platform for remote onboarding, hosting webinars, AMAs, town halls, brainstorms, and more
  • Deepen relationships by enabling mentorship and knowledge-sharing conversations all year long

Impact Analytics & ROI

  • Access real time data on popular topics, engagement times, active users, etc.
  • Discover the evolving needs of your people from what they want to talk about
    to what they want to learn
  • Get detailed reports and recommendations for increasing engagement
    and collaboration over time
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