Braindate Everyday for Communities

A solution to activate and strengthen your community

Braindate for communities

Braindate for communities is for community managers who want to spark meaningful connections and learnings between their members.

The pioneer program comes with

Make learning a core part of your community

Use Braindate in a live, virtual, or hybrid context to:

  • Organize interactive workshops and webinars
  • Facilitate new members’ onboarding
  • Plan recurring [email protected]
  • Enhance networking during your community events
How Braindate can transform  your community

How Braindate can

strengthen your community

  • Amplify member engagement
  • Increase member retention
  • Drive meaningful and relevant relationships among members
  • Empower members to self-direct their experience
  • Infuse a feeling of diversity, inclusion and belonging
  • Enable personal and professional development for all members

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What our pioneer-clients have to say

Being able to meet like-minded people with similar passions to mine was truly inspiring and makes me feel part of a broader community.
Shana Krakowski
Former Director at Microfy
Relationships that last don’t necessarily start in a chat. Where they start is with people connecting on a real level, on topics they are interested in, sharing ideas with each other. MPI was in search of a platform that could help us accomplish that singular goal. Braindate was the right solution.
Jessie States
Director, MPI Academy
The idea of being part of the network is that ‘you are not in it alone.’ This is a big effort that you are a part of and Braindate allows you to scale it down.
I know that I’ll be keeping in touch with every person I spent time learning and connecting with on Braindate.
Very inspiring!
Toni Williams
Community Organizer ConnCAN

Start engaging your people all year round