Braindate for Organizations

A solution for lifelong professional and personal learning

Braindate for organizations

Braindate for organizations is for leaders who want to drive knowledge-sharing, innovation, and happiness in their place of work.

The beta program experience comes with

Make learning a part of everyday work

Use Braindate in a live, virtual, or hybrid context to:

  • host office hours
  • organize lunch and learns
  • onboard employees
  • plan hackathons and brainstorms
  • facilitate networking at internal events and much more
Make learning a part of everyday work

How Braindate can

transform your organization

  • Foster a culture of knowledge sharing
  • Promote team building
  • Improve cross-department collaboration
  • Amplify employee engagement
  • Strengthen your employees’ sense of belonging
  • Grow talent retention and skills development

What our pioneer-clients have to say

After experiencing Braindate, I was convinced that this model of exchange was an essential component to developing, connecting, and inspiring our employees. The e180 team know how to customize the experience for unique cultures and environments. GE’s continued success with braindates was in large part due to the partnership we had.
Karrie Burns
Former Executive Development at GE,
Global Leadership Crotonville
The braindate experience made a multinational company feel like a tight-knit community.
I made connections that wouldn’t have been possible without Braindate – connections that led to opportunities for collaboration!
DW Kim
Financial Advisor
Morgan Stanley
Braindate is one of the most creative ways to induce innovative collaboration. The biggest impact was the access I had to ready-now intellects and genuine passion. Priceless!
Jason A. Riley
Head of Global Talent Strategy, Management and Development
GE Healthcare

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