Braindate Partners with Unwrapit to Transform Virtual Networking Through the Power of Gratitude

Braindate’s gratitude feature

At Braindate, we have a ritual of giving cheers. Every time we feel gratitude towards a colleague, we celebrate them by giving them cheers on our company Slack channel. Colleagues cheer each other for a job well done, for moments of creativity, and for all the times when an employee came through for another.

It’s worth noting that our “cheers” Slack channel lights up almost daily with heart-warming displays of thanks. After all, if you are trained to look out for it, you can find something to be thankful for everyday.

The cheers ritual lies at the heart of our work culture. It is through the power of gratitude that we’ve been able to transform a group of employees into friends and heart-centric collaborators, working in harmony, towards a common goal.

cheers and the power of gratitude from employees at work

In partnership with Unwrapit, we are bringing this culture of giving thanks to the Braindate experience.

Braindate and Unwrapit partnership

Braindate x Unwrapit Feature Benefits

List of Gratitude Feature Benefits

Good vibes powered by Unwrapit x Braindate partnership

We made this feature possible by integrating with Unwrapit, a fellow B Corporation, that helps organizations give sustainably-minded gifts to their clients, event attendees, or employees through a personalized gift experience, at any scale.

At Unwrapit, we couldn’t be more excited to be powering Braindate’s gratitude feature. We admire the intention and care that the Braindate team put into designing a gamification feature that doesn’t promote competition between participants or reinforce an all-to-common scarcity mindset in the digital realm. The team at Braindate has a compelling vision for how technology can enhance society through abundant, self-directed, and peer-to-peer learning and connection. As an enthusiastic attendee of Braindate experiences, I look forward to expressing gratitude to the people I meet through a sustainably-minded gift paid for by the event or its sponsors.

Peter Deitz, Co-Founder, Unwrapit

What is the Unwrapit gratitude feature?

The feature allows Braindate users to virtually reward each other after a great conversation. We designed this feature with Unwrapit to help users strengthen the connection they formed during their conversations, by sending a token of appreciation to their fellow braindaters.

braindate feature idea

What makes this feature unique?

It’s good etiquette to thank someone after a great conversation. Almost all solutions have a chat feature where users can send a thank you message after their meeting.

Our integration with Unwrapit takes giving thanks to the next level and empowers users to cement their connection through the powerful act of gift-giving.

How it works:

This feature is an add-on. Our clients decide if they would like the feature to be enabled for their people.

  • Event organizers pre-select and pre-pay for Unwrapit gifts.

Event organizers can select what and how many gifts their participants can send to each other. For example, they can finance the gift (say 100 gift cards) or enable an option where participants can donate to a preselected charity in the name of another attendee. These gifts are creatively revealed and distributed through Unwrapit.

  • After a great braindate, a user can give thanks by sending a gift.

After a great 1:1 or group braindate, an event attendee can give thanks by sending a gift, pre-selected by the organizer, to another attendee of their choice. The digital reveal is personalized to the recipient and features the event’s brand and sponsors.

Braindate expression of gratitude
Unwrap it enjoy your gift

How will this improve the Braindate experience? 

The gratitude feature comes with benefits for both event organizers and participants. Here’s just some of them:

  • Benefits for event organizers:
  • Bring real value to your partners and sponsors: event organizers can offer the opportunity to their sponsors or partners to finance the gift attached to the gratitude feature.
    Sponsors can benefit from additional visibility from having their logo on the event’s Unwrapit platform and/or they can supply sustainably-minded gifts of their own.
    On receiving the gift, participants will always associate the positive feelings of receiving gratitude with the sponsoring brand.
  • Turn event participants into a community: by using this feature, event organizers can create a culture of gratitude at their events.
    This culture will lead to a generating feelings of good will at the event and strengthen the relationships formed between participants.
    This will support organizers in transforming their attendees into a community of engaged participants who feel a real sense of belonging to the event.
  • Benefits for event participants: 
  • Turn connections into relationships: research shows that showing appreciation can help you build lasting friendships. The study found that thanking a new acquaintance makes them more likely to seek an ongoing relationship. By rewarding people for their contributions to your conversation, you can create room for new opportunities.
  • Tap into the powerful psychological and health benefits of expressing gratitude: making friends is just one of the many benefits of practicing gratitude. These include, improved self esteem, enhanced empathy, increase in happiness, more mental strength, and even better sleep!

Excited to try this out at your next virtual event? Curious to learn more? Drop us a line and we’ll get back to you asap!

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