Belong, Learn, Return: Braindate’s Formula for Transformative User Conferences

Braindate impact at tech user conferences

User conferences—particularly in the tech sector—are massive events with important opportunities for learning and networking. However, with the abundance of sessions and activities, making meaningful connections can easily slip through the cracks. The real challenge lies in nurturing these interactions in such expansive settings. This is precisely what Braindate addresses. More than just a solution for deeper engagement, Braindate has become a fundamental part of the user conference DNA, embedding a culture of knowledge-sharing at the heart of the event experience. For many, it’s the highlight they look forward to, transforming every conference into an opportunity to be part of a vibrant learning community.

What is Braindate? 

Braindate turns chance into choice at large events by tapping into the audience’s collective wisdom. It’s like a content feed created by users themselves. Through an app that easily integrates into event platforms, Braindate lets attendees set up and join discussions, either one-on-one or in groups, on topics they’re passionate about.

Top Event Teams Offer Braindate at User Conferences

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Conference Demographics at a Glance

Understanding the demographics and structure of tech user conferences is key to appreciating how Braindate transforms potential missed opportunities into rewarding experiences.

Braindate has enabled meaningful connections at hundreds of user conferences, showcasing the depth of engagement through these collaborative experiences.

Braindate Impact: A Snapshot at User Conferences

  • 22,500 topics created by participants
  • 43 855 hours of peer-learning (over 5 years) 
  • 130,000+ connections
  • 136 000 braindate users
Guy Suter's review about the Braindate networking platform

Braindate changed the conference game, for the BETTER

I recently attended the Workhuman Live conference. This was my first experience with Braindate. Networking and making new connections at conferences has historically been hard. With Braindate, it is easy and SO MUCH more effective. You post topics and invite others to talk with you. Everyone OPTS IN to having meaningful professional conversations. The whole experience eliminates the awkwardness of trying to make business connections at a professional conference. I don’t ever want to go to another conference that doesn’t have this attendee service. It easily doubled (probably much more) the value I got from attending Workhuman Live.

Guy Suter, participant at Workhuman Live

The Complexity of Connections in Tech User Conferences

Tech user conferences are invaluable for fostering community, knowledge sharing, and customer appreciation. However, they come with their own set of challenges that can hinder their potential impact:

Sales Pipeline Development: A key challenge is facilitating interactions that not only build community but also actively contribute to the sales pipeline, creating tangible business value from networking efforts.

Complexity and Overload: Amidst numerous sessions and activities, attendees might feel overwhelmed and struggle to find what’s valuable to them. Braindate addresses this by empowering participants with a personalized approach. We encourage attendees to curate and even create their own content, tailoring their event experience to meet their specific objectives.

Networking Anxiety: Traditional networking can be intimidating, leaving attendees, especially those new or less outgoing, struggling to make meaningful connections.

Engagement Depth: While digital and in-person interactions are fundamental, creating deep, lasting relationships in such brief encounters can be challenging.

Educational Engagement: Ensuring that learning sessions go beyond mere information dissemination to truly engage and benefit attendees requires more than just well-structured content.

Braindate’s Role in Overcoming These Challenges:

In the context of tech user conferences, Braindate works as a pivotal tool for building meaningful interactions. Here’s a snapshot of how it revolutionizes attendee engagement:

Driving the Sales Pipeline: Braindate uniquely supports customer-led sales and conversations across three levels: Customer-to-Customer, Customer-to-Prospect, and Customer-to-Employee. This structure not only facilitates community building but also directly impacts the sales pipeline by:

  • Enabling customers to advocate for your brand in discussions, effectively selling to prospects in a genuine, passionate manner.
  • Providing a platform for customers to share their positive experiences and success stories, thus influencing potential prospects and reinforcing the value proposition of your offerings.

Focused Interactions: By enabling targeted, topic-driven discussions, Braindate cuts through the complexity, allowing attendees to engage in conversations that matter most to them.

Ease of Networking: Braindate’s structured format reduces the pressure of traditional networking, facilitating more comfortable and meaningful exchanges.

Deepened Connections: Whether through digital platforms or face-to-face meetings, Braindate enhances the quality of interactions, fostering stronger relationships. It allows the whole ecosystem from partners, to employees to end users to come together. 

Interactive Learning: Moving beyond passive learning, Braindate encourages active participation, ensuring attendees not only gain knowledge but also contribute to the collective learning experience.

By integrating Braindate into tech user conferences, organizers can address these inherent challenges, transforming potential barriers into opportunities for enhanced community building, deeper engagement, and more impactful learning experiences.

Jennifer C

Our conference was pretty large so it was difficult to get facetime with everyone who wanted it. Braindate provided us with a structured way to set up these face-to-face meetings so that we could make ourselves available to our customers. Braindate allowed a structured way to provide customers with dedicated Q&A time that they haven’t gotten at previous conferences.

Jennifer Cooper, Senior Product Manager at Deltek ProjectCon

User and Client reviews at User Conferences

Users and Clients reviews at User Conferences

The Impact: Braindate Success by Numbers

Over the last three years (2021-2023), Braindate has been an integral part of 50tech user conferences, significantly enhancing attendee engagement and interaction. Here’s a glimpse into the transformative impact Braindate has had:

Key Metrics:

  • Audience Engagement: On average, 38% of attendees engaged with Braindate, showcasing a strong adoption rate across events.
  • Consistent Participation: Across both in-person and virtual formats, Braindate maintained a steady engagement rate of over 35%.

Engagement Peaks:

  • Highs in Engagement: At certain events, audience engagement soared to between 60-78%, with the braindating rate reaching 20-25%, showcasing the peak potential of Braindate in facilitating connections.

 First-Time Activations:

  • Adobe MAX (Virtual): A standout example with 10,000 attendees, where 68% engaged with Braindate, leading to the creation of 430 topics and 12,821 connections.
  • Dreamforce (In-Person): With a massive 48,000+ attendee base, Braindate achieved 20% audience engagement. This led to the creation of 3,804 topics, generating 3,986 connections.

Year-Over-Year Engagement:

Braindate’s integration into tech user conferences has not only enhanced annual events but has also contributed to significant growth and community development over the years:

  • Growth in Engagement: Year-over-year data showcases a doubling in Braindate engagement, underlining its increasing relevance and impact.
  • Participant Base Expansion: As your events grow, so does Braindate’s impact. We’ve seen our participant base expand impressively, especially at one particular event, where it’s more than doubled from 2,807 in the first year to 7,492 by the fifth, mirroring the audience growth from 6,300 to 13,706. In the EMEA market, the increase has been even more striking, with participants soaring from 546 to 1,842, outstripping the rise in overall event attendance.
  • Consistent Engagement: Across these years, Braindate maintained an average 46% audience engagement rate, with the rate of attendees booking Braindates holding steady at 15%.
US user conference: participation growth over time
EMEA user conference: participation growth over time
Andrew F

Building Meaningful Connections

Braindate has been a part of our Healthcare Analytics conference for many years now, both in-person and virtually, and it’s become a foundational part of our engagement strategy.  We’ve heard so many positive examples of how it has enriched our attendee experience, even for those who identify as serious introverts. Braindate’s team continues to improve their platform and UX every year, and they are great partners to work with.

Andrew Frueh, Senior Vice President, User Experience at Health Catalyst

Before, During, After: Working With You, Hand-in-Hand

It takes more than technology to create memorable experiences; our human-centric approach makes all the difference. Beyond offering a platform, we provide a complete, turnkey solution that marries technology with personal service. Together with your event team, we tailor the Braindate experience to fit your vision of success.

On-site, our dedicated team becomes an extension of yours, actively hosting in the Braindate Lounge to ensure each interaction is not just meaningful, but seamlessly supported. With our collective expertise, we bring best practices to craft an attendee experience that’s not only effective but unforgettable, all thanks to our uniquely human touch.

Valerie R

It is a win/win!

The braindate event producers team makes my job easy during the planning process of my events. In addition, as an attendee, I am never disappointed with the knowledge and experience I receive after each engagement. The team listens and delivers. It is a win/win from all angles!

Valerie, Corporate Event Planner at Tyler Technologies

Top engagement best practices seen at user conferences

  1. Host Customers: Encourage Account Managers to organize group braindates for their client portfolios. It’s a perfect way to introduce clients to one another, fostering a sense of community and encouraging active participation right from the start of their event journey.
  2. Welcome First-Time Attendees: Set up a dedicated Braindate session specifically for first-timers, allowing them to connect with experienced attendees on the first day. This helps newcomers feel integrated and informed.
  3. Boost Pre-Event Engagement: Activate the social media feature to let your attendees generate excitement before the event even begins. Sharing their eagerness to host and participate in Braindates not only builds momentum but also makes them feel recognized and appreciated for their contributions to your event.

Conclusion: Charting the Future of Networking in User Conferences

Looking ahead, Braindate is setting new standards for engagement at user conferences. We go beyond traditional networking by fostering a sense of belonging, sparking curiosity, and facilitating meaningful exchanges.

This approach doesn’t just enhance individual experiences; it weaves a stronger, more connected community at every event. By focusing on these unique strengths, we’re not just part of the event ecosystem—we’re a key driver in ensuring attendees come back, year after year, eager to be part of something truly special.

A user testimonial

This made the conference for me, and whether or not Braindate is here is going to determine whether or not I show up next time.

The biggest reason that I came to NVIDIA GTC was to meet up with other engineers working on similar problems. Braindate provided a platform for me to meet up with people who care about similar problems, and the format gave us a space to be able to share our ideas in semi-privacy. 10/10 recommend.”

An attendee AT NVIDIA GTC, 2024

Ready to take your user conference experience to the next level? Connect with us and let’s make every interaction count.

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