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A management dashboard that supports your success in creating your Braindate experience.

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An all-in-one dashboard to create your experience, engage your people, and learn from your analytics.

All the features you need to create a Braindate experience

Platform Setup. Customize your platform settings.
BOS Schedule. Manage your braindating times.
BOS add-ons and integrations
BOS Engagement Tactics. Action best practices to boost participation
BOS Analytics
BOS Resource Center. Learn from our expert guidance and knowledge base.

Create + Engage + Learn

Create your Braindate experience

  • Set up and manage your platform with ease.
  • Brand your platform, set a schedule and give access to your users.
  • Enhance the experience by integrating with your tech stack and enabling add-ons.

Engage your people

  • Monitor real-time user activity to increase participation.
  • Access checklists for success to stay on track.
  • Use the resource center for engagement strategies, email templates, and ready-to-use promo kit.

Learn from your analytics

  • Get actionable insights to maximize your ROI.
  • Download easy-to-read reports that measure your impact.
  • Access user surveys and build upon the feedback of your people.

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