The Braindate Platform Gets a Big Makeover to Spark Intentional Learning and Deeper Connections

The Braindate Platform Gets a Big Makeover to Spark Intentional Learning and Deeper Connections

When we started Braindate, we made a commitment to our users: we would create a platform and experience that could support every single user in their journey to become the best version of themselves.

We would do this by making sure that Braindate users could use the platform to connect with the right people and have inspiring, knowledge-sharing conversations they need, to propel them closer to their goals.

With the launch of Braindate Everyday, we made this kind of community-centric, peer learning experience available to our users on an ongoing basis. We’re making sure that you have the opportunity to learn from the great minds around you, every single day.

To support this offering, we had to go back to the drawing board and ask ourselves the question: what changes did we need to make to our existing platform, to facilitate deeper, more relevant connections and intentional conversations?

After months of research and user interviews, we decided to revamp the total look and feel of the platform. The result: a better user interface, new additions to the profiles and marketplace – all designed to create a richer learning experience and a stronger foundation for the exciting improvements to come.

Here’s a quick preview of the latest developments that will transform your Braindate experience.

What’s different? The Braindate market and profile get a makeover

Braindate market: changes to UI for better user experience

With the new market layout, users can now, at a glance, see the conversations they can join and profile previews of the people they can connect with.

The menu navigation has been rethought and moved to the top of the page for quick and easy access to key pages (Market, My braindates, Notifications) on the platform. We’ve also added a profile drop-down menu to the top navigation bar where users can access their personal information (My topics, My availability, Account settings) with one click.

We’ve also adjusted the design to provide more meaningful visibility to partners sponsoring Braindate experiences for their events, organizations, and communities.

Braindate profile: new sections to facilitate more relevant connections

The profile now includes new sections that will allow our users to connect with others based on who they are as individuals and as learners.

The new sections are: I love talking about, I want to learn more about, and I’m knowledgeable about. They can now add keywords to each section that express the knowledge they possess, what they want to learn, and subjects they love talking about.

These keywords are searchable and can be used by braindaters to find people who share their interests, have similar learning goals, and are knowledgeable about topics they want to learn about.

Finally, in alignment with our values relating to diversity, equity, and inclusion, users will also have the ability to add their pronouns and the language they feel most comfortable communicating in.

How will this improve your Braindate experience?

These changes create an environment where users feel excited to share and seek out knowledge and have the information they need to form more relevant connections.

Here are the biggest ways in which the platform revamp will improve the Braindate experience:

  • We’ve improved the user interface to drive more engagement towards creating topics, joining discussions, and profile completion – all designed to minimize clicks and make the user journey more intuitive and enjoyable.
  • Users will now have a better (and quicker!) understanding of the learning opportunities on the platform as they will be able to see topics of discussion and people willing to share knowledge, all on the same page.
  • New profile fields will improve our users’ ability to find and connect with the right people and learn about what is most relevant to them.
  • Braindate organizers can access all the keywords added by users, to have more concrete insights into what their people want and the knowledge available in their community.
  • These changes to the market and profile will make it easier for clients to engage their communities on an ongoing basis. 

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