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Katie O, Founder

“The opportunity to create a conversation that invites others to satiate their curiosity OR join a conversation that piques your interest. The Braindate platform allows users to connect with folks with shared interests and curiosities in a rad space that you would hard pressed to find by simply starting a conversation with a stranger at a conference. The folks I met through Braindate at WorkHuman 2022 are now not only connections of mine, but trusted thought partners too! The onsite staff were exceptionally genuine and clearly love their work–which helps to ease people into chats with strangers. :)”

Katie O, Founder + Principal Coach

When we learn from each other, we build relationships that matter.

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It all begins with a topic

  • Post Topic

Spark conversations of interest to you.

Spark conversations of interest to you on Braindate
  • Book Topic

Find and connect with like minded people.

Find and connect with like minded people on Braindate
  • Discuss Topic

Meet in person or virtually on the platform.

Meet in person or virtually on the Braindate platform

Features you need to spark peer learning conversations

Crowdsourced topic feed. User generated content stream.
Topic Cards on Braindate Platform
Conversation Formats on Braindate Platform
Meeting Booking System on Braindate Platform
User Profile and Directory on Braindate Platform

Connect with the right people

  • User directory
    Discover people who are excited to share their knowledge.
  • User profile
    Get to know people beyond their job titles.
  • User recommendation
    Refer a profile to someone who would benefit from the connection.

Learn better with collaborative conversations

  • One-on-one braindates
    Dive deep into a topic you want to talk about.
  • Group braindates
    Gather multiple perspectives on the same topic.
  • Fishbowl braindates
    Have more interactive discussions with up to 20 people.
  • Conversation formats
    Brainstorm, AMA, etc – let others know what you need.
Learn better with collaborative conversations.

Meet in spaces designed to enhance connection

  • In-person
    Meet at the Braindate Lounge.
  • In-app video conferencing
    Meet on the Braindate platform.
  • Learning concierges
    Real time human support through all stages of user journey.

Trusted by leading organizations, loved by audiences

What Braindate users have to say

I met people from all over the world, from Germany, Ireland, the United States. I keep in touch with them and they stay in touch with me. That’s the beauty. I believe that Braindate creates a community of thought leaders.
Janice Cardinale
Founder, Cardinale Creative
The Braindate platform made it easy for participants of my event session to connect with each other and follow up on their insights… It also allowed them to connect to me – the speaker – in order to dive deeper into certain aspects of the session and create bonds that may lead to future collaborations.
Myriam Hadnes
Founder, WorkshopsWork
& Never Done Before Festival
I remember braindates being one of the highlights of the C2 Montreal conference as I made many great connections and even invited some of my braindates to become speakers at our own Microsoft tech conference later that year!
Shona Bang
Senior Program Manager, Microsoft

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