Product Update: New Microsoft Teams Integration and Braindate Topic Banners

Braindate product update November 2020

A peak into the brand-new features we’ve developed to help you create a Braindate experience personalized to your needs.

This past year, we brought the Braindate experience to almost a hundred virtual events around the world. During this time, asked you, whether it was through post-event surveys or client and participant interviews, how we can evolve our product to meet your needs.

We’ve gathered your precious feedback, and accordingly, we have released two brand-new features that will help you customize the Braindate experience to match the unique objectives of your event.

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You can now replace Braindate’s in-house video provider with Microsoft Teams

Replace Braindate’s in-house video provider with Microsoft Teams

When creating a braindate topic, users now have the option to connect their Microsoft Teams account with Braindate. This will enable them to host their braindate externally on the Teams platform, instead of on Braindate’s in-house video conference tool.

Why we released this feature: 

With this update, we are taking a big step towards integrating Braindate with the video conferencing tool that’s best for your participants. Organizations using the Microsoft Suite can now enjoy using Microsoft Teams to host their braindates instead of Braindate’s in-house video conferencing tool.

How this will improve your Braindate experience:

With this update, we have made Braindate more widely available to organizers, making it easy to bring braindates to their event, with whatever video provider fits their needs best. Starting with Microsoft Teams, we’ve designed what’s necessary to open up to integrations with other video providers in general.

If you’re an organizer with another external video conferencing tool in mind, we’d be happy to discuss building an integration that suits your needs. Just write to us!

New! topic banners to spotlight topics and personalize your Braindate experience

Topic banners to spotlight topics and personalize your Braindate experience

You can now add an accented banner and text to spotlight the braindate topics of your choice.

Why we released this feature:

When it comes to the event experience design, we know that personalization is king. With this feature, we wanted to give you yet another option to customize the Braindate experience to your needs by spotlighting the topics that are most important to you! The update comes with fully customizable copy that is compatible with emojis ?

How this will improve your Braindate experience:

The new topic highlight banner lets you give additional visibility to your great sponsors. You can also use it to spotlight braindates hosted by certain participants, or highlight topics that are important to you. This feature has been designed to be used for a variety of brilliant ideas relative to what could serve you and your participants best.

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