Braindate x Slack Integration: Make Learning a Part of Your Daily Rituals at Work

Braindate x Slack Integration

When we first transitioned to remote work, we knew that employee engagement was going to be essential for our continued success and growth as a company. More importantly, as a “peer learning company” our objective was to make sure that our employees were not only engaged with each other and their work, but also remained committed to their own learning and development journeys.

We knew this might be a challenge. After all, research has shown that L&D professionals and leaders across industries have continued to struggle with learner engagement.

We had already begun prototyping Braindate Everyday internally to encourage our people to participate in knowledge exchange conversations regularly. But something was missing.
In the early iteration of the experience, we struggled to reach the engagement numbers we were expecting. Our employees, busy in their day to day, would often forget to check the Braindate platform and book their braindates.

Braindate employees forgetting to check the Braindate platform?

That was a BIG problem. That’s when we realized that we needed to meet our people where they were at and integrate the peer learning a.k.a braindating as a part of their daily rituals.

What was the first thing every employee did to start their day? Open Slack. 

The most powerful solutions are often the simplest ones. So, we created an integration between Braindate and Slack. It was a game changer.

When used in tandem with other tactics we were using to increase participation, employee engagement with peer learning conversations didn’t just go up, but remained at that level all year long. You can read more about our experience in our piece: How We Nurture Wellbeing at Our Company with Braindate Everyday.

So, we’re excited to tell you more about our integration with Slack, designed with love, to make learning a part of your everyday rituals at work. 

So, how does it work?

1-Slack members can create braindate topics within Slack without needing to navigate to the Braindate platform.

Slack members can create braindate topics within Slack

Now, with a simple backslash Slack users can experience the full flow of creating a topic, picking a time, and posting their topic on the Braindate platform, all without leaving their Slack workspace.

The result: less clicks, more meaningful conversation.

2-Slack members can easily share BD topics from channel to channel.

Once a Slack member creates a braindate topic, it can be automatically shared within a preselected Slack channel. This gives more and immediate visibility to all the knowledge that is being shared by employees on the Braindate platform.

Added bonus: sometimes the simple act of seeing a co-worker create and share a topic can spark micro-conversations on Slack. This is our favorite example of one such instance:

Slack members can easily share BD topics from channel to channel.

3-Slack members can book braindates directly in Slack without needing to visit the Braindate platform.

Slack members can book braindates directly in Slack

Once a braindate topic is shared on Slack, users can join the discussion from Slack itself, with just one click of a button. The ease of joining conversations incentivizes a higher participation and engagement rate.

4-Slack members can get notified of all activities happening on Braindate within Slack.

With this integration, Slack members will no longer need to log into the Braindate platform to check their notifications.

Users will be notified on Slack when they get a braindate invitation, when someone joins their group braindate, when someone sends them a message on the Braindate platform, and reminders for upcoming braindates.

Slack members get notified of all activities happening on Braindate within Slack

Designed to boost ongoing employee engagement and learning

This update creates an integrated and seamless Braindate experience with a company’s Slack workplace. Here are some of the benefits you can expect;

  • More social learning:
    employees are more likely to regularly engage in social learning and knowledge-exchange conversations. 
  • More knowledge sharing:
    employees are more likely to share their knowledge by being inspired by others to post braindate topics and being prompted to join their colleagues’ braindates.
  • More collaboration:
    all employees will know, at all times, exactly what their colleagues want to talk about, the expertise they are willing to share or areas where they need support. This will lead to more collaboration.

Curious to learn more about Braindate can future-proof your organization? Talk to our team!

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