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Braindate helps your participants make the right connections and have transformative conversations.

Braindate is an award-winning event networking platform and solution to create connection experiences that go beyond traditional networking. It enables attendees at live, virtual and hybrid events to host and join 1:1 and group discussions on topics of their choice.
Functioning as a user-generated content stream, Braindate unlocks the collective knowledge of your participant base, generating peer learning conversations that lead to stronger, more relevant connections.

Event networking platform - Braindate
Guy Suter's review about the Braindate networking platform

“Networking and making new connections at conferences has historically been hard. With Braindate, it is easy and SO MUCH more effective. The whole experience eliminates the grossness of trying to make business connections at a professional conference. I don’t ever want to go to another conference that doesn’t have this attendee service. It easily doubled (probably much more) the value I got from attending.”

Guy Suter, CEO, Ampll

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Event Networking Platform

Braindate elevates event networking by leveraging the power of peer learning conversations.

Braindate elevates event networking by leveraging the power of peer learning conversations

The biggest motivators behind event attendance are learning and networking. As an organizer, you work hard to supply impactful content and create ample networking opportunities at your events. What if you could do both at the same time?
Attendees come to your event with set expectations. They have their own personal and professional motivations to make their attendance worthwhile.
It can be a mix of :
+ educational content
+ more hands-on workshop sessions
+ broader inspirational keynote speakers
+ specific business development goals
+ latest R&D and industry trends

Participants also come to your event with their own knowledge, expertise and experience. Braindate gives a voice to your audience. It allows all attendees to tap into each other’s strengths and to be recognized as individual contributors within your community. It’s a platform where you let your audience decide what they want to learn and who they want to meet.

That’s why we created Braindate, the only event networking tool in the market that allows participants to connect with the right people and have knowledge-exchange discussions with them. With Braindate, you can now create a holistic experience that helps your participants achieve their most important event objectives, while immersed in memorable conversations with valuable new connections.

Why peer learning is the future of event networking

Maximize your ROI with a learning-centric
event networking platform

Your participants don’t need your help exchanging business cards. Instead, they need you to create an environment where they can make the right connections and have the kinds of conversation that lead to personal and professional development.

Increase opportunities

Increase opportunities for your people to learn from each other and not just your experts and speakers.

Amplify event satisfaction

Amplify event satisfaction, engagement rates, and a general sense of belonging to your event.

Boost event retention

Boost event retention by building and maintaining a community that you can activate all year long.

Why use Braindate for
in-person, hybrid or virtual event networking?

User generated content-stream

User generated content-stream

Braindate empowers participants to host meetings on topics that they actually want to talk about. These are like mini-session that supplement the content you’re already offering in your event programming.

World-class hospitality

World-class hospitality

A team of learning concierges (real humans, no bots!) are available to provide real-time tech support, meeting facilitation tips and help participants find the right conversations to join.

Tried & tested engagement tactics

Tried & tested engagement tactics

Our resource center comes with engagement strategies, email templates, and ready-to-use promo kit to keep you on track – basically everything you need to engage before, during and after the event.

Robust integration capabilities

Robust integration capabilities

With an open API, Braindate can integrate with 50+ tech partners (registration, event portals, mobile apps etc) to create a seamless participant experience.

Powerful data and analytics

Powerful data and analytics

Our management dashboard gives you real-time data and insights into what attendees want to talk about and who they want to meet. This includes a detailed post-event report with recommendations to help you plan for next year.

Meaningful sponsorship

Meaningful sponsorship

Braindate allows for personalized branding and provides meaningful visibility and engagement opportunities for the sponsors you love.

Expert experience design

Expert experience design

Our solution comes with expert guidance on how to create spaces (virtual, hybrid, or in-person) that are optimized for learning and connection, so you can ensure maximum impact and participant engagement.

How to design networking experiences tailored to your event

Over the past decade, event organizers have come to us to provide more engaging and memorable networking opportunities to their community. They’ve used our event platform technology and our peer learning approach in innovative ways that bring unique value above and beyond networking.

Our approach to connection is human-centric; your participants are at the heart of the experience. The key is to define how knowledge-sharing could serve you and your people so that your event is rooted in a genuine experience that everyone wants to take part in. To engineer serendipity and valuable connections, we look at how your audience interacts, what their behaviours are and what their core motivations are to wanting to meet each other. Together, we build momentum and guide attendees into participating in more meaningful conversations to enrich the exchanges.

Braindate event use cases :

  • User conferences & Customer events
  • Industry event & big tent gathering
  • Association events
  • Internal events & annual meetings
  • Tradeshows

We’ve designed learning and connection experiences for a wide range of industries, from healthcare to finance, to big tech and fortune 500.

FAQs about our event networking platform and solutions

An event networking platform is a tool or digital feature in your event technology stack that helps create connections between participants. Attendees use this to find others who share their passions, interests, or goals, so that they can learn from each other and build relationships that can help them achieve those shared goals.

Event networking platforms can help you massively scale up your networking efforts to include as many people as possible. EspeciallyIn a virtual setting, you can now use a virtual event networking solution to host an event where thousands of people can connect with each other and have conversations at the same time.

There are many event networking tools available that can help you design an experience that perfectly matches your audience’s needs. While each solution has something that sets it apart, here are 5 basic features that you should always look for before making a purchase.

  1. Attendee profiles
  2. Event booking and calendar system
  3. Chat messaging function
  4. High-quality video for virtual networking platform
  5. Networking optimization features

There are a lot of moving pieces that have to come together in just the right way to host a successful virtual networking event. You have to do some planning beforehand that will help the event go as smoothly as possible. Here are the steps to host a successful virtual networking event:

  1. Define your goals and KPIs.
  2. Create an itinerary of the kinds of connection experiences you want to provide to your attendees.
  3. Make a guestlist.
  4. Sort out logistics like budget, technology tools, team members, etc. 
  5. Identify the virtual tools you want to use to host the event.
  6. Begin promoting your event. 

To make sure that your participants make the best of your event networking solution, you have to integrate it into a thoughtfully designed participant journey. This includes:

  • Teaching participants how to use the networking solution in your virtual event app;
  • Leveraging your customer support team to help participants in making the right connections;
  • Guiding participants on how to have meaningful conversations by sharing ice-breakers, conversation and facilitation tips;
  • Designing your event program to include substantial networking breaks;
  • Hiring facilitators or MCs who can moderate group networking sessions;
  • Giving participants guidance on how to remain in touch with their new connections.

It’s recognizing that your participants are your most precious resource and that you need to design a networking experience that activates the knowledge they bring to your event.

It is understanding that your people don’t need your help exchanging business cards. But they do need your support in finding the right person to talk to. i.e. the person who can help them solve a work challenge, or who can become their next business partner.

When you take a peer learning approach to designing event networking experiences, you’re not helping participants network for the sake of networking.  Instead, you are designing your networking to support the learning opportunities at your event. For example, if your event has a session on sponsorship, your networking experience should give participants the chance to continue the conversation started in the session, not just with the speakers, but with each other.

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