Introducing Braindate Everyday: Amplify Social Learning and Wellbeing in Your Organization

Introducing Braindate Everyday: Amplify Social Learning and Wellbeing in Your Organization

In October of 2016, we found ourselves standing in the Marriott International HQ’s cafeteria in Washington DC. On the menu? Hundreds of offers of knowledge. We watched in awe as Marriott employees, huddled in small groups, conversed, talking excitedly about topics that ranged from how to gain marketing insights to training for a half-marathon.

We had brought Braindate to Innovation Days, an internal event hosted by the organization’s Learning and Development team. In collaboration with the organizers, we created a new kind of networking experience that was based on people learning from each other.

Towards the end of the event, one of the participants shared their story with us:

“Braindating at this event, I connected with more new colleagues in a day than I have in 10 years I’ve worked at Marriott. The realization that I could learn from 1500+ employees? It’s been a total game changer.” 

That story proved to us the impact that facilitating peer learning conversations can have within a large organization. Since then, we’ve been lucky enough to receive similar feedback – from users and clients, who saw how Braindate helped them break silos and foster collaboration at their events, and wanted more of it.

For years now, we too have dreamt of the potential power of unlocking these kinds of conversations on a daily basis. What would it look like if we could learn something significant from our amazing colleagues, every single day?

Well, that dream just became a reality. Say hello to Braindate Everyday.

Braindate Everyday = Learn Everyday

We live in an age of innovation where change is fast-paced and a near constant. In order to thrive, our learning strategies need to be agile and personalized to our unique needs and objectives.

Instead of simply relying on traditional modes of education (schools, online courses etc), we need to weave learning rituals into our daily lives. Most importantly, we must find ways to learn, not just from experts, but from the varied experiences of all the humans around us.

Braindate participants at events

For the past decade, Braindate allowed participants at events to do exactly that. It democratized learning, allowing participants to tap into the collective knowledge of their community. However, that learning experience was limited to the duration of the event. With Braindate Everyday, we have created a solution that will help users learn from each other, not just during events, but within their organizations,  on a daily basis.

How does Braindate Everyday Work?

We have adapted the Braindate platform to help organizations bring learning to their people on an everyday basis.

The core functionality that you know and love has remained the same. Users are still able to host and join virtual 1:1, group, and fishbowl discussions on topics of their choice. 

To support daily use, we totally revamped the user experience and interface. For example, the new user profile not only provides someone’s basic information (job, title, social profiles), it also shares their learning goals, what they’re interested in, and subjects they’re knowledgeable about.

Braindate everyday profile screen

Following months of user and client interviews, we also changed the layout of the Braindate topic market, so at a glance, users can see discussions they can join and other Braindate users they can connect with.

Braindate everyday market screen

Braindate Everyday offers a vibrant tech  environment where users feel excited to regularly share and seek out knowledge, and are encouraged to get to know and engage with each other on an ongoing basis. 

Other notable features include:

  • Ongoing booking calendar to host and join braindates on a daily basis
  • New automated emails to engage users throughout the year
  • Ability to start conversations with someone based on interests tagged in their profile (available in July)
  • Ability to record virtual group and fishbowl discussions (available in August)

Note: with Braindate Everyday, we now have a platform architecture that we can build upon and improve to support your people’s learning needs. In the upcoming weeks and months, we will launch exciting new features that support that goal. As a user-centric company, we will build these features in consultation with existing and potential clients to address their biggest needs.

Are you ready to future-proof your organization?

Benefits for Learning & Development professionals

  • Support your organization’s social learning goals by enabling employees to have regular peer learning conversations
  • Boost skills development by personalizing employees’ learning journeys
  • Spark innovation by unlocking learning across organizational silos
  • Grow your L&D program by activating employee-generated content
  • Enhance your leadership training programs
  • Get detailed data insights into what employees want to learn

Benefits for HR professionals and people managers

  • Improve and humanize remote onboarding experience
  • Boost internal mobility by discovering employees interests and hidden skills
  • Support skills development by identifying employees’ competencies
  • Increase employee wellness by humanizing remote interactions
  • Fortify culture of inclusiveness by enabling cross-company conversations on topics related to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion 

Curious about how Braindate Everyday can support your organization’s objectives? Talk to our team!

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