Braindate Organizer Space: Your One-Stop Shop for Creating Powerful Peer Learning Events

Braindate organizer space

An all-in-one dashboard that makes it easy to bring Braindate and the magic of knowledge-sharing to your communities.

Are you planning a Braindate event? Or maybe you’re considering bringing peer learning to your community using our Coached or DIY offers? We’ve got you covered.

Say hello đź‘‹ to the Braindate Organizer Space (BOS)

Braindate Organizer Space login page
Braindate Organizer Space: Login page

From the moment you log into BOS, you enter a world where every feature is designed to optimize all aspects of hosting a peer learning experience, including:

  • Creating and personalizing the Braindate platform to your needs.
  • Resources to help you engage your participants.
  • Advanced data analytics so you can learn from your community and confidently plan Braindate experiences all year round.

Stay with us as we dive deeper into how BOS works and what it can do for you.

Designed to support your every need

1. Create a Braindate platform with ease and personalize it to your needs

BOS has a friendly user interface that allows you to set up your platform and manage your Braindate experience with ease. You can also personalize the look and feel of the platform by adding your brand logo and colors, and setting a braindating schedule that best suits your community.

Got questions? You’re not alone. BOS comes with a chat system so you always have the support you need.

Setting up your Braindate event on the Braindate Organizer Space
Setting up your Braindate event on BOS

You can also enhance your experience by turning on add-ons and 3rd party integrations based on your communities needs:

Integration marketplace in Braindate Organizer Space
Integration marketplace in BOS

2. Equipped with extra tools and resources to help you engage your people

We know that one of the biggest challenges planners face today is engaging their participants. Through BOS, you’ll have access to a robust resource center where we share best practices gathered over a decade of successfully activating peer learning at events and communities. Using them, you’ll be able to create a communications strategy that will get your people ready and excited to learn from each other.

Braindate Organizer Space Resource Center
BOS Resource Center

The resource center comes with:

  • Knowledge base filled with best practices on how to activate peer learning at events;
  • Downloadable production checklist and timeline to deploy your Braindate experience;
  • Communication and promotional assets including customizable templates, graphics, and copy decks. Basically, everything you need to deploy a successful campaign to promote Braindate & knowledge sharing at your event.

Even better, the BOS performance dashboard shows you easy-to-understand, real-time data on all activity taking place on the Braindate platform.

At any given time, you’ll know how many people have logged in and what actions they have taken online, how many topics are being created, invitations are being set, and the subjects your participants are most excited to discuss at the event.

Use BOS dashboard to monitor real time stats for your Braindate experience
Use BOS dashboard to monitor real-time stats for your Braindate experience

You can also see which braindates are popular so you know what topics to promote or what subjects your participants want to learn more about. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll know exactly when you need to take action and deploy an engagement tactic.

3. Learn from rich data analytics and plan future Braindate experiences with confidence

After your event is over, BOS will generate a post-event analytics report that offers valuable insights like, popular braindate topics, number of connections, peak engagement times, top search keywords, etc.

Braindate Organizer Space data analytics feature to understand the impact of your event on your participants
Use BOS data analytics feature to understand the impact of your event on your participants

You’ll also have access to our impact survey (pictured above) where participants share their feedback on the quality of interactions on the Braindate platform. We capture this qualitative intel and extract key takeaways including participant testimonials.

With these insights, you can plan activities throughout the year with the confidence of knowing exactly what knowledge your community is hungry to learn about.

Want to dive deeper? Take a 2-minute walkthrough with our Head of Experience Alina!

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