You Asked for It, We Made It! You Can Now Record Your Braindates

Recording Braindates Feature

The magic of what happens on the Braindate platform comes from our users. At every Braindate experience, users take control of their learning. The highly personalized and often intimate nature of braindate discussions makes them equal parts exciting and informational.

Because these topics are created by users themselves, they are a content gold mine – often full of great stories, tips, and knowledge.  It’s why the ability to record braindates has been one of the most popular feature requests from our clients.

With our newly released recording function, clients will now be able to capture and spread the insights and learning of specific braindates to larger audiences.

Braindate new recording function
Braindate topic card with recording notice

How does it work?

As the ultimate guardians of the Braindate experience, our clients have total control over the use of this feature. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Recording is currently an add-on, so clients can choose whether or not they want to enable it at their Braindate experience;
  • Clients choose who owns the recording i.e. Braindate, client, or users; 
  • Clients choose who gets to record braindates i.e. all users or a select group of users.

Users, with recording permission, can only record the virtual group or fishbowl braindatesthey are hosting. They can pick whether or not a braindate will be recorded when they’re creating their topic. Other participants joining the recorded braindate are asked for their consent on entering the call. 

Braindate recording permission

Benefits for L&D and HR professionals: make knowledge sharing seamless

  • Combine the recording feature with our fishbowl conversation format to host interactive webinars;
  • Grow your L&D program by empowering specific employees to become creators of content;
  • Generate and add more relevant content for your LMS systems;
  • Build and celebrate your workplace culture by capturing employee-led conversations about issues and themes that align with your values;
  • Incentivize knowledge sharing at work by rewarding recording rights to employees who are most active on Braindate; 
  • Make internal knowledge transfer seamless by recording braindate conversations on important topics like – town halls, product discussions, etc;  
  • Humanize your organization’s vision and priorities by inviting your leadership team(s) to record informal conversations about business matters and decisions.

Benefits for event organizers: endless on-demand content opportunities

  • Combine the recording feature with our fishbowl conversation format to host interactive webinars;
  • Enrich your virtual event content offerings by providing on-demand content from select braindates; 
  • Reward your event ambassadors, speakers and more by giving them recording rights;
  • Add value to your sponsorship package by allowing your partners/sponsors to record their braindates;
  • Extend the life of event content, by turning your recorded braindates into video-podcasts. 

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