Engagement Spotlight: Social Features Fueling Active Participation in Social Learning

active learning engagement

Social connection and peer learning are core elements for communities to thrive. How can we ensure our product inspires such human-centric foundations? This is what keeps us going! We brought our heads together to find ways to innovate and improve our platform to not only ensure authentic and meaningful experiences to users but to also initiate active engagement.

An engaged audience will feel positively inspired and highlight an event’s success. When higher levels of participation and interaction amongst users are enhanced, sparking intentional learning and gaining deeper connections become even more attainable.

Our team went a step further into this notion and thought: what if we could engage users before, during and after the event? What if we could create more opportunities for content creation, connectivity and learning beyond the scheduled conversation? And from the client and product development perspectives, active engagement also means opportunities to capture valuable insights about users which is key to innovation!

Following months of research and development, we are proud to present – drum roll! 4 recently launched innovative product features that bring our engagement value proposition to reach new heights: emoji, comments, inspiration topics & share on socials.

emoji reactions

Emoji Reactions

An image is worth a thousand words; spread the joy of emojis!

Emojis have become an integral part of how we communicate online. These pictograms replace words to fill in emotional cues and are used around the world, across various platforms. We’re excited to introduce emoji reactions as the newest and fun way to interact on Braindate.

Braindate Emoji Reactions
React feature : selection of emoji reactions available on every topic card.

Participants can now easily react to topics using a range of excitable emojis to show how they feel: 

  • Love ❤️:  love the topic
  • Spark💡:  the topic sparked an idea or insight
  • Mindblown 🤯:  the topic is thought-provoking or mind-blowing
  • Support 🤗 : the topic is positive or supportive
  • Celebrate 🎉: the topic is just worth celebrating!

And go as far as meet like-minded people!

topic market full of emojis reaction
Lively and engaging topic market full of emoji reactions.

It’s a playful way to reach out to people that have common interests and a chance to give positive reinforcement to topic creators.

Interacting through emojis offers familiarity and spontaneity to users as they browse through topics: an online behaviour found on a lot of social platforms.

This lively feature gives active participants an additional touchpoint; a stepping stone to more learning opportunities and an occasion to show appreciation.

Furthermore, capturing emoji data on our platform enables clients to understand which topics participants like the most. Gaining insights on what they are really interested in may inspire new strategies for future events and be highly beneficial!

reactions bos scaled
Braindate Organizer Space: analyzing topic reactions for actionable insights and user-generated content appreciation.

comment threads 1

Comment Threads

Comments have arrived! Participants can now learn from each other about a topic of interest by commenting on topics. Even if they cannot join the braindate!

In the spirit of extending the Braindate experience and offering a more inclusive environment where learning isn’t limited to the time spent in braindates, Comments bring a whole new form of dynamic interaction. And thus, new learning opportunities!

Braindate Comment Threads
Comment feature: users have the ability to choose the type of content they are sharing (Insight, Reading, Media, and Braindate) in the open text field.

We understand how limited in time people are at events. And attending a braindate isn’t always feasible. Therefore, Comments enable participants to communicate ongoingly and pick each other’s brains about a topic at hand (even past topics!).

comments feed interaction between users 1
Comment thread: users can share resources, connect via chat, and book braindates using the Meet function.

The Comment button opens up a text field and users choose the type of content they wish to share.

Be it to share insights, a good read, a link to an article or an invitation, commenting opens up conversational opportunities and increases connectivity.

Some see comments they like written by people they wish to meet?

Participants can use the integrated meet functionality to set up a braindate!

With the launch of this new feature, clients can rest assured that their attendees will have their curiosities fed whether they are booked for a braindate or not. So far, our team has noticed a strong willingness to interact within the comment section.

From users expressing an interest to deep dive on certain topics to inviting each other to reconnect on their online community space following the event, the comment section breathes connectivity and is flourishing with learning opportunities!

Inspiration Topics

Inspiration Topics

The Braindate topic market is user-generated. We are always trying to find ways to engage new and returning users. How can we prompt them to create great topics? How can we inspire others that are having a hard time defining subjects they wish to discuss? Well, our team managed to cross two hurdles with one leap. Behold: Inspiration topics!

mid market carousel inspiration topic feature
Mid-market prompt to claim an inspiration topic. Users can click through the selection of topics to claim their own.

Inspiration Topics are predefined topics that can be found in the topic market. These topics are ready to be claimed by any participant! Once claimed, they are removed from the topic market.

Braindate already has an array of amazing topics fresh off the press, ready to be used. These were written by our team and are all about sharing knowledge and having a good time.


Pro tip to leverage more engagement: Curate your own shortlist of inspiration topics with more specific themes geared towards your event’s program.

Indeed, this is a great opportunity for clients to customize the braindate platform for it to speak to their audience upon first login. This feature allows for more branding personalization and contributes to leading by example and setting the tone for topic creation.

claimed inspiration topics
Braindate Organizer Space: customizable inspiration topics admin space with an overview of claimed topics by users.

Inspiration topics present a new way to engage event participants and communities. Since its integration, this feature has seen positive adoption rates; participants have been claiming these placeholders, hence creating overall more dynamic and inviting topic markets.

Social Sharing

Social Sharing

Sharing is caring! Our platform now offers a holistic and customizable social experience, prompting participants to share their conversation topic on social media. Our newly embedded Share on Socials feature extends the braindate experience beyond the platform, while offering participants (and others!) even more learning opportunities!

With just a few clicks, hosts of a topic are able to share their topic on LinkedIn, X or Facebook in a seamless way. Once they hit ‘share’, a preview of their social sharing generated image is made readily available to post.  This includes the title of the topic, the host’s name and company. The visuals and information are entirely customizable!

social media sharing bos
Braindate Organizer Space: social sharing add-on to customize the image, text description, hashtags, and handles to the event branding.

Indeed, we highly encourage our clients to pre-set the image, hashtags and text description they wish all posts to have. Our vision is to empower clients to leverage the share on socials as an opportunity to promote their event. By ensuring a strong visual identity and eye-pleasing aesthetic across all social platforms, these posts can become a great way to position the brand and create a buzz around the event.

At Braindate, we see social sharing as a two way street: it’s about shedding light on a topic and event as much as it’s about cultivating self-esteem in oneself and gaining community recognition. It’s a powerful tool that can make all participants feel like speakers!


It’s in the doing that we learn and make things happen! As we work to constantly improve the platform, we realized that having more people on the platform doesn’t mean that attendee engagement increases. And it also doesn’t mean that the user experience necessarily gets better.

How can we ensure participants remain engaged and are offered the best learning experience? By giving participants more options to become active and by giving active participants more learning opportunities! 

Get in touch with our Braindate team to learn more about Emojis, Comments, Inspiration Topics and Share on Social features and how they can be leveraged for your next event!

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